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General Questions

Onder Academy offers skilled artisans and creative professionals the opportunity to conduct online seminars and workshops.

The presenter submits an Event Proposal for consideration. Upon acceptance, the presenter will be prompted to provide the details necessary for the event to be scheduled and included in the Onder Media Group (OMG) promotion cycle.

Tickets are sold through the Onder Emporium online store and the presenter is notified as new attendees sign up for their event.

The presenter is also provided an Onder Academy WebEx account and given the opportunity to practice their presentation using that technology (tutorials are also provided to help showcase the more relevant WebEx features).

Upon completion of the event, attendees are prompted to evaluate the presentation and offer any suggestions or endorsements.

The Onder Academy Curriculum Director will be the point of contact for all questions regarding the event and is there to support the presenter in all ways.

Presenters receive 50% of all ticket revenue remitted pertaining to their event(s). Payment is made via PayPal upon completion of the event*.

In addition, presenters are also compensated with a portion of Onder Academy Membership Sales granting users access to the recorded presentation(s). Monthly playback statistics are tracked and any views of the presenter's events my paying members are logged. A portion (50%) of monthly membership revenue is distributed to presenters based on the percentage of views of their content that month.

*Note: events lasting more than 6 sessions will be compensated in two parts, 30% paid upon the commencement of the event, and the remaining 70% upon its completion

Event Proposals

We evaluate Event Proposals based on the following criteria:

Clear Event Objectives

Exceeding attendee expectations is achieved through the clear articulation of realistic event goals. The "Curriculum" section of your proposal should include a clear expression of what attendees will gain by the end of each session of your event.

Clear Value

The objectives of the event should have a clear and demonstrable value to prospective attendees. "Creating better characters" is not a clear value, but "creating authentic and memorable characters that will engage readers and enhance the power of your storytelling" is. Also, handouts and other collateral content that expands upon the core content of the event are a big plus.

Established Credentials

Your credibility with prospective attendees depends upon demonstrable and verifiable experience in the topic area of your event.

Prior Presentation Experience

While not required, having experience with public speaking and presentation is a valuable asset.

Session Duration

Sessions should be at least one hour long and (generally) no more than three hours. Presenters should plan for 10 minutes breaks in any session longer than one hour.

Number of Sessions

Workshop: Any (though 3 or more is recommended)

Panel Discussion: Usually a single session, though multiple sessions may be used for deeper explorations of the topic. Alternatively, multiple panels comprised of different SMEs could be used to provide multiple perspectives on the panel topic.

Presentation: Usually a single session, though multiple sessions may be used for deeper explorations of the topic.

Onder Academy events occur in three general formats. We will certainly consider other event formats, but these are the primary presentation structures we're looking for:

Workshop – An interactive experience lead by a one or two SMEs with specific skill/knowledge objectives. Often includes handouts as well as exercises performed by participants that are reviewed or discussed by the presenter.

Panel Discussion – A moderated discussion of a specific topic or issue comprised of 3 to 5 SMEs and a moderator. May include handouts and/or Q&A with attendees.

Presentation/Lecture – One or two SMEs providing insights and examination of a specific topic. May include handouts and/or Q&A with attendees.

Workshops can seat up to 10 attendees.

Panels and Presentations can seat up to 20 attendees.